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June, 2019:

Big Red’s Black BBW Ass Is Super Sized

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They call her Big Red, and although she’s no carrot top, the reason isn’t so very hard to see. Her ass alone earns her the ‘Big’ moniker, and what she does with a hard cock takes care of the ‘Red’ part—as in ‘red hot’! When this BBBW hikes her butt in the air, there’s no resisting the urge to dip your stick. Her buns are so big and fleshy, banging her from behind is like punching dough with your dong, and that’s an extraordinarily sensual feeling. And if that isn’t hot enough for you, Big Red loves the taste of cum. You have to see this black babe with the jizz dripping from her pierced tongue to really appreciate how she takes to the joy juice.

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