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Big Red’s Black BBW Ass Is Super Sized

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They call her Big Red, and although she’s no carrot top, the reason isn’t so very hard to see. Her ass alone earns her the ‘Big’ moniker, and what she does with a hard cock takes care of the ‘Red’ part—as in ‘red hot’! When this BBBW hikes her butt in the air, there’s no resisting the urge to dip your stick. Her buns are so big and fleshy, banging her from behind is like punching dough with your dong, and that’s an extraordinarily sensual feeling. And if that isn’t hot enough for you, Big Red loves the taste of cum. You have to see this black babe with the jizz dripping from her pierced tongue to really appreciate how she takes to the joy juice.

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Black Fatty Niko Star Scarfs Some Sausage

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This sweet black BBW is as thick and juicy as the cock she’s licking. Niko Star is her name, and it goes without saying that cock sucking is her game. Niko really likes her fast food sex, and she yummies down on it like a famine victim. But it’s quite obvious that our girl isn’t exactly starving (except maybe for man jam!). With her big, hot boobs and those rolls of midriff insulation, she’s no emaciated waif. She’s more like a well rounded, heavily padded fucking machine, who likes to flaunt her hot body along with her admirable appetite for sausage. Niko takes it in all her holes, and she’s happy enough to have you watch her get a hard banging, because she knows it will be good for you too!

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BBBW Afrodisia Gets a Massive Facial

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Here’s a cum shot that will put some juice in your joystick! I just love to see big beautiful black women covered in jizz. There’s something about that white on black that really gets my game on. Sexy Afrodisia here is a natural when it comes to receiving the old facial ablution, and there’s enough of it to cover a good percentage of her fat face. In her mouth, on her chin, even up her nose, this gal takes a real good glazing. Of course, that’s only after she’s gotten a really good banging in her happy hole, and that’s as big as the rest of her. Afrodisia’s got a super-sized gash that needs a super-sized cock, and the man of the hour fills it up good. Fat pussy, huge cock, massive load…yeah!

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Carmyell’s Mega Ass Is One Hot Asset


Now that she’s finished a good long cock sucking session, BBW black babe Carmyell is ready to have her big fat pussy pumped. She spreads her tremendous thighs wide to accommodate her man’s huge meat rod, baring her monstrously large breasts so he can watch them wobble as he hammers her clam. But Carmyell’s finest asset is undoubtedly her behemoth ass, and when she’s on her knees and grabbing those big buns, with a hard one shoved up her horny hole, is when this babe’s at her best. You really have to watch the entire video to appreciate just how Carmyell’s well-cushioned keister bulges in all the right places, providing an ample, sexy, quivering surface upon which to lay your load.

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BBW Black Babe Ya Ya Greased Up and Grinding

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Roly-poly BBBW Ya Ya is all oiled up and ready for fucking, and she’s getting just what she asks for in this hot video. Those greased up belly folds are highly enticing, and I’ve got to say that those dinner plate nipples certainly give the imagination a workout, but Ya Ya’s pussy is where it’s at here. Despite her size, she can really put on a spread, lifting her legs high enough to receive a good, deep penetration in a kitty that’s as hot, wet and as utterly desirable as any black box you’ve ever seen! And Ya Ya’s not one to take things lying down, either. She’s a most active participant in every steamy moment of this encounter, moaning and groaning her way to ecstasy right along with her man…and right along with you!

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Sexy Milk Shaker Drains Her Man’s Balls

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Black BBW Milk Shaker is truly gigantic, and she’s truly starving for hard cock, too. For those who like their women extremely large, this hottie here just might be the woman of your dreams. She’s certainly a cum-stirring vision as she strips off her dress and shakes those colossal tits of hers, and when she gloms on to her man’s woody, you know right away that she’s an expert at humming a tune on the old flute. She pretty much swallows it whole! In the end, her sexy looking fat folds absorb the impact as her guy plows her hungry pussy with a wild enthusiasm that rocks the couch. Milk Shaker is a real juice drainer, guaranteed!

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